Future of Miami Edison OTHG Reunions

To all Miami Edison Over The Hill Gang alumni”

Having been directly involved in OTHG reunion planning for more than the last decade, and see the participation significantly decreasing, I’m concerned about the future of our organization and reunions.

  1. Our organization is based on attendance of the old high school on NW 2nd Avenue.  Consequently, we are nearing the end of the time span of the OTHG – 1978.  The year the school moved to the new Edison on 5th Avenue
  2. On the other end, we are unfortunately losing OTHG members, through passing or health issues, from the clases of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
  3. We have been unable to gather the necessary support for our organization from the classes of the late 60’s and 70’s to sustain us.

Due to cost and expenses, it is highly unlikely that we can continue to host weekend events as we have in the past.  We solely relied upon attendance volume to cover the expenses of printing, mailing, entertainment, and everything else involved in hosting the event.

One additional factor is that we are planning to obtain a room at our old school to permanently display our memorabilia in a museum-like setting.  This eliminates the costs associated with storing and trailering it.  Any future events would then include going to the old school to view it.

Based upon the above I would like to have as many responses as possible to the following survey.  Please click on the link below to complete a very short survey:

Begin Survey

For our next reunion in 2018:


  1. Do you prefer the reunions continue as weekend event or a 1 day event? And would you attend?

Weekend_____ , Attend Y or N             One day_____, Attend Y or N


  1. We’d like to keep the reunion in the Miami area so we can visit the school and have some activities there. Do you have any preferences as to where?  Downtown_____, Beach_____,  Golf Course_____, Airport_____, Other (Comments) ___________________________________


  1. Would you prefer a ‘theme” reunion like a cruise, for example?                        Y or N, Comments______________________________________________________________


  1. Is August the best month to hold our reunions, remember that summer prices are far less expensive and we have to avoid the peak of hurricane season (Sept –Oct)?                        Y or N, Comments______________________________________________________________


  1. Any suggestion you have for us would be greatly appreciated. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Please print out this form, fill it in, and mail it to Miami Edison OTHG, 8004 NW 154 St #294, Miami Lakes, FL  33016-5814 or you can scan the completed form and mail it to medison66@bellsouth.net