96th Dyess and 72nd  Ramey Transportation Squadron 

 1966-1970 U.S. Air Force     Bombardment Wing

Abilene – Texas
Two of the Strategic Air Commands 96th and 72nd Bombardment Wing was a component organization
of Strategic Air Command’s deterrent force during the Cold War, as a strategic bombardment wing.


Bob & Peggy Yown

This page is dedicated to Sergeant, Bob & Peggy Yawn
who I had the privilege and honor of serving with during my 4 years of service.
He passed away several years ago in Texas.  My wife and I went to visit him, his wife
Peggy and his daughters who I stay in touch with through Facebook, outside of Abilene
a couple of years before his death.While serving at Ramey AFB our guys got very close to
him and his family.

We would all go to their house and party as well as him coming to our
homes to party with us and we went to the beach a lot.  So may he rest in peace …

1967-1968 Typical GI’s raising hell in the barracks

My marriage in Abilene Texas and some of the couples we visited with    

Married couples in Ramey

72nd Ramey Transportation Squadron
1968 – 1970